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What services are available to advertisers?

Thank you for your interest in AdSpeed. These are our services available to advertisers:
  • If you already have an advertiser account, you can sign in to view your ads and campaign performance.
  • If you want to track ad metrics (impressions, clicks, conversions, leads, purchases) for your ads by an independent third party ad server, you can use AdSpeed to distribute and track ads on multiple websites. It is simple to set this up: you first enter your ads into our system. Our ad server then provides you with a HTML serving code so that you can send it to different websites that you're buying media/advertising from. This serving code will display your ads, track clicks, impressions, and even conversions/purchases. If you want to display the same ad to multiple sites, you should link the same ad to multiple placements and send the serving code for each placement separately.
  • If you want to promote your ads and display them on many websites, you can join one of the ad networks or ad exchanges. These companies will display your ads on websites/publishers that match your target audience and budget. AdSpeed does not run an ad network so we do not buy or sell advertising directly. We provide the technology platform for publishers, advertisers, agencies and ad networks.

Advertiser Live Demo


Advertiser's Dashboard

Ad Management

Reporting - Basic Metrics (Impressions, Clicks, CTR)

Reporting - Visitor Details on Google Map

Reporting - Detailed Visitors Information

Reporting - Referring Search Engines

Reporting - Visitors on World Map

Other Articles in Our Services

Introduction to our ad serving and ad management solution. A smart and powerful ad server can save time from ad operations and increase your advertising revenue.
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    • Well as you'll see I've been using a free account here for a few months now and I must say I'm really impressed with your service. Your program is so easy for an amateur like me to use, and really gives impressive results.

      Gene Hastings

    • This is amazing response time. Very nice job!

      Yaniv B
      OakRow Solutions