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$10/CPM for orders with less than 100,000 impressions $7/CPM for orders between 100,000 to 1,000,000 impressions $5/CPM for orders with more than 1,000,000 impressions From 1 to 100 clicks at $3 per click From 101 to 200 clicks at $2 per click From 201 or more clicks at $1 per click A flat fee of $70 for one week of advertising A flat fee of $200 for one month of advertising A flat fee of $500 for three months of advertising

Please contact us for additional details: 267.520.4749

  • Ad Formats: Image Banner Ad (GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, WEBP)
  • Ad Dimensions: 468x60 728x90 120x300 120x600
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Additional Notes
No restriction/targeting is being applied to [Zone] Advertisers.
Ad DimensionRangeMedia RateNotes
300x2500 - 100,000 gross impressionsUSD 3 per 1000 gross impressions0 to 100 clicks total
300x250101,000 - 200,000 gross impressionsUSD 2 per 1000 gross impressions101 to 200 clicks total
300x250201,000 or more gross impressionsUSD 1 per 1000 gross impressions201 or more clicks total
Any7 daysUSD 100 per day (USD 700 in total)$100/Day - Flat Rate ($700/Week)