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How does ad serving work?

Let's consider this scenario:
  • You are running a website
  • Advertisers pay you to display ads on your website
  • You want your visitors to see only relevant, interesting ads
  • You want to manage ad inventory effectively, maximize advertising revenue and minimize operational costs
  • You do not want to make changes to your website every time you add a new advertiser, remove a campaign, or deactivate an advertisement
  • You do not want to deal with software installation, security patches, new version upgrades every few months, or the routine of ad operations

If this is your situation, AdSpeed delivers a powerful ad serving and management solution that is easy to use.

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There will be no under-performing or static ads on your web pages. You can just login and manage your advertising inventory through our online system from anywhere, any time. All changes become effective immediately. Simple and effective! You can now spend more time developing, and improving your website, which are more important in attracting more visitors.

Start serving ads instantly

You can quickly set up your ad inventory and begin serving ads in the next 3 minutes. After signing up for an account, just follow these simple steps:

Video Tutorial

  1. Create a zone
  2. Create an ad
  3. Link ad to zone
  4. Copy and paste the ad tag into your website
We suggest you to try our live demo or see some screen captures of our user-friendly and intuitive interfaces.

Related Advertising Services

In addition to our ad serving solution for publishers, AdSpeed also offers other advertising services for advertisers and ad networks via our affiliated companies and strategic partners.


Publisher (website owner)

Ad Network and Ad Agency

  • Ad network managing multiple publishers and advertisers. We provide an affordable solution to build your own ad network.
  • Ad agency with multiple advertisers. We provide a system for you to manage your clients and their campaigns efficiently.

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Introduction to our ad serving and ad management solution. A smart and powerful ad server can save time from ad operations and increase your advertising revenue.
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    • I recommend using an online ad service called AdSpeed to help monitor your ad inventory. AdSpeed allows you to serve up 100,000 impressions on your site per month for $9.95. That is extremely affordable and your ad revenue will easily offset the cost of the monthly service fee.

      Jennifer J
      Mom Bloggers Club

    • AdSpeed has been instrumental in our success!

      Elizabeth M
      Clasificados Online