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AdSpeed Ad Server

AdSpeed is an independent ad server and ad manager. You create advertiser's ads with targeting criteria. We handle ad serving, ad tracking and real-time reporting on ad impressions, clicks, revenue, and conversions.

Manage your ad inventory and maximize advertising revenue with the latest ad serving technologies, advanced analytics and user-friendly interface.

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Ad Server

AdSpeed has been serving ads since 2000. We constantly add new features to our software and upgrade our global infrastructure to deliver a powerful, modern and reliable adserver.

Ad Serving

AdSpeed ad serving solution helps you manage and display targeted advertisements on websites, blogs, newsletters, mobile devices, and mobile apps.

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  • Best Value

    Premium plans start at $9.95 per month. AdSpeed vs. Hosted Ad Servers

  • On Demand

    Manage ads on any device anytime. No download. Instant setup. AdSpeed vs. In-house Ad Servers

  • Simple

    User-friendly interface makes ad serving & ad management easy

  • Live Reporting

    Real-time reports on ad performance metrics and your visitors

  • Fast & Reliable

    Trillions of ads served since 2000, each within milliseconds. Our global infrastructure is designed & tested to have no single point of failure and maximum availability

  • Customer-Driven

    Contact our knowledgeable customer care team. Suggest your ideas & and get a solution just for you

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  • I received feedback from the [Other Company] Support team. But your team always seems to be better at diagnosing these potential issues, and frankly, we trust your team's opinion more.

    Anthony C.

  • That is fantastic! I've never known such a responsive company before! I'm really impressed with AdSpeed from what I've seen so far and will definitely be adding a plan.

    Andrew R
    Stags And Hens