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Alternative Image/Media URL

An alternative image/media URL is used for Flash/SWF ads. This image serves as a backup in case the SWF ad cannot be displayed or loaded for several reasons:
  • The browser does not have a working Flash player. The Flash player is disabled or is not installed
  • The browser has an older Flash player version than the required version by the Flash ad
  • The SWF file is missing or the URL returns a 404 error page
  • The file/web server does not return a properly format SWF file
  • A non-secure URL is used from within a secure ad request
  • Mobile devices that do not support Flash will also fall back to this backup image. This include iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. You can convert a SWF ad to a HTML5 ad in order to display on these devices

You can control the styling and look of this alternative image using CSS. The CSS class for alternative image is "AdSpeedAltImg".

If you leave this setting empty, a default error message will be displayed instead. To avoid this error, make sure you specify a backup image for the SWF/Flash ad, your browser has the latest Flash plugin and the SWF file loads properly. You can check for the installed Flash version.

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