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Ad Network

Do you want to build your own ad network? Do you have great relationships with many publishers and advertisers? If you're looking to scale your advertising strategy from one website to a network of multiple publishers, AdSpeed Ad Network Solution is for you to start your own ad network of publishers and advertisers.

Build your own ad network

You can build your own ad network and let your publishing partners sign in their own accounts to get the ad tags, view revenue and other ad performance reports.

Operate multiple websites that you own

A publisher can operate multiple websites. Each website can link to one or more zones. You can view ad performance reports broken down by each website.

Run an affiliate network

You can create advertisers and their ads using any pricing model, including CPA. The affiliates (site partners, media partners, or publishers) display ad campaigns from their assigned zones.

Self-Service Advertising

You can setup the media kits for your publishers so that potential advertisers can place ads on these publishers via your ad network.


We do not take a percentage of your revenue like many other ad network solutions. Our plan has no commission or revenue sharing. We want you to keep much of the money you earn. This add-on has a flat and fixed monthly fee. You will need to subscribe to an impression plan and this add-on. The impression plan covers our infrastructure cost to serve and track ads on all publishers within your network. The add-on enables the management of multiple site partners within your ad network. For example: Premium 10M and Ad Network add-on for a start-up ad network. Additionally, you might also want to consider the Fast Delivery and White Label add-on. View Pricing
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Tutorial and Live Demo

To get started, please view this step-by-step tutorial to setup your ad network. You can also evaluate our solution for ad networks by signing into the demo ad network account. This example ad network has been created with several publishers, advertisers and ads to give you an idea on how easy it can be to start your own ad network.

Publishers within your Ad Network

A publisher, or a site partner, is created by the network operator with read-only permissions to:
  • View the list of assigned zones and ads
  • Get the serving code for the assigned zones
  • View the ad performance reports, including his/her website's earning calculated using the payout rates you set specific for this website

Relationship between Website, Zone and Ad

A website can have one or more zones. A zone should not be shared between multiple websites if you want separate stats reports for each website. If you want to display the same ad to multiple sites, you need to create a zone for each website and link the ad into these new zones. For example:
  • 2 websites: Toronto.com and Ottawa.com
  • 2 zones for Toronto.com: Toronto_728x90 and Toronto_120x600
  • 2 zones for Ottawa.com: Ottawa_728x90 and Ottawa_120x600
  • Ad 728x90 links to both Toronto_728x90 and Ottawa_728x90
  • Ad 120x600 links to both Toronto_120x600 and Ottawa_120x600
As the ad network operator, you would send the serving code to your publishing partners, or give them access to generate the serving code themselves. In this case, your publishing partner Toronto.com would receive the ad tags for zone Toronto_728x90 and zone Toronto_120x600.

Payout Rates

The advertiser pays you the full rates (CPM, CPC, CPA) for this ad. You can set individual payout rates for each of the site partners. For example: advertiser X pays $10/CPM to you, you pay site A $6/CPM and site B $7/CPM.

Payment to Publishers

You can view a report that show the previous month's earnings of your publishers. Available formats for exporting include text, CSV, Excel, PDF and a simple text file that is compatible with PayPal Mass Payment. This file contains the username, email and amount to be paid on each line.

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    • I learn more all the time on better ways to use AdSpeed. Your help sections really do help. Thanks again for all you have done with AdSpeed. I love it.

      Gary C
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    • Wow, you guys are fantastic! Thanks a lot.

      Andrew R
      Stags And Hens