AdSpeed AdServer offers comprehensive ad serving products for publishers, advertisers, agencies and ad networks.
  • Ad Server for Ad Networks

    Do you want to build your own ad network? Do you have great relationships with many publishers and advertisers? If you're looking to scale your advertising strategy from one website to a network of multiple publishers, AdSpeed ad server for ad networks can help you start your own ad network of publishers and advertisers.
  • Ad Server for Advertisers

    Advertisers purchase advertising from many different sources, including individual websites, mobile apps, ad networks, and ad exchanges. In this complex environment, you need an ad serving solution for advertisers. AdSpeed helps you track and audit all incoming ad traffic independently and make sure your ad spending is monitored and optimized for the highest return.
  • Ad Server for Agencies

    An ad agency plans, designs, creates, manages and buys advertising on publisher's properties for its clients, the advertisers. AdSpeed ad server for agencies provides the platform to manage client's advertisements, serve ads on publishing partners and track ad performance. Your publishing partners can be individual websites, mobile apps, ad networks, and ad exchanges.
  • Ad Server for Publishers

    As a publisher, you own and operate a website, blog, forum, or an app with available advertising spaces. Advertisers pay you to display their ads on your website. They want to view and check ad performance reports on a regular basis.
  • Fast Delivery and Ad Media Manager

    Upload media files, banner images, HTML5 ads, and video ads directly onto our ad server instead of hosting them on your own web servers. Our global network of servers will host and deliver these files quickly to your viewers no mater where they are. This ad hosting add-on provides you with many benefits.
  • Private Branding / White Label

    A white label ad server uses your company's name, logo, text instead of displaying our version. It builds your brand directly with your clients and users. It makes you look more professional while enjoying all the features and benefits of a powerful ad server.