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Ad Server for Agencies

An ad agency plans, designs, creates, manages and buys advertising on publisher's properties for its clients, the advertisers. AdSpeed Ad Server helps the agency manage its client's advertisements, serve ads on publishing partners and track ad performance. This solution is also suitable for advertisers to track media buys. Your publishing partners include individual websites, ad networks, and ad exchanges. Ad metrics include impressions, clicks, conversions, and ad spending.

Getting Started

Below are 3 simple steps to begin serving and tracking ads for your clients:
  1. Add Creative - Setup the ad creative with a suitable image and landing page. Many different ad formats are supported.
  2. Create Zone - A zone is a rotational pool of one or more ads. This arrangement enables you to switch to a new ad, or test different versions of the same ad (A/B testing), without having to request changes from your publishing partner.
  3. Send Ad Tag - Generate the serving code for the corresponding zone and send it to your publishing partners. They will paste this HTML code into their website, or their own ad server, to display the ad.
View more detailed instructions to setup a new agency account.


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  • Thank you very much for your follow-up! I appreciate very much your help. We are very happy with your service. Thank you again!

    Esther B
    Me Quiero Ir

  • This is the best information I have read yet. I have a fairly new website and growing, but I wanted to get my feet wet in the ad space game. Your advice and information was spot on. It gave me a great base to work with when selecting from my different options.

    Dana P
    Palmer Events