About AdSpeed Ad Server

Our ad server displayed its first banner in July 2000. Website owners were struggling with the tedious task of managing and selling their ad space. We started out as a simple web-based ad rotator, one of the earliest ad servers on the market. We have been in the ad serving business much longer than many other ad solutions. Thus, you can rely on our reliability for many years into the future. Driven by the changing needs from our publishers and advertisers, AdSpeed Ad Server continues to develop more innovative features and to offer a wide-range of advertising services.

With trillions of ad impressions served to satisfaction, AdSpeed is a reliable and powerful ad serving and ad management solution. May 2005, we changed our name from ad-rotator.com to AdSpeed.com to reflect our mission to become your best technology partner in online advertising. With that in mind, these are our commitments to you:

  1. To provide a reliable platform that helps you easily and effectively manage your advertising inventory and increase revenue.
  2. To serve ads to viewers instantly through powerful targeting mechanisms.
  3. To present accurate and comprehensive performance reports to you in the most intuitive ways.
Our goal is to help you execute your online advertising strategy efficiently. With more than 20 years of experience exclusively in ad serving operations, we are excellent at ad serving. You can avoid the hassle of managing daily technical tasks while staying in control by outsourcing your ad serving to AdSpeed Ad Server.