Ad Server for Publishers

As a publisher, you own and operate a website, blog, forum, or an app with available advertising spaces. Advertisers pay you to display ads on your website and want to view ad performance reports on a regular basis. You want your visitors to see relevant, interesting and the best performing ads that you have available. You need an ad server for publishers.

AdSpeed AdServer helps you manage ad inventory effectively, maximize advertising revenue, and minimize operational costs. We offer a powerful ad serving and ad management solution that is easy to use. Click to view a simple one-page brochure.

Effective Ad Management

With our solution, you will no longer have under-performing or static ads on your web pages. You can just sign in and manage your advertising inventory through our online admanager from anywhere, at any time. All changes become effective immediately. Simple and effective!

Another great thing about using our ad server is that you no longer have to make changes to your website when you add a new advertiser, want to remove a campaign, or deactivate a specific advertisement. All of this can be done using our user-friendly admanager. This will allow you to spend more time developing, and improving your website, enabling you to attract more users.

On-Demand Ad Serving

AdSpeed is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. You do not need to deal with server deployment, software installation, testing, security patches, weekly upgrades, or all other operational tasks. You simply access our platform from any standard web browser.

Instant Ad Server

You can quickly set up your ad inventory and begin serving ads in 3 minutes. To get started: create your publisher account and follow these simple steps.

If you want to explore further, please try our live demo and see some screen captures of our user-friendly and intuitive interfaces.


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