Guidelines on Private Branding

If you subscribe to the Private Branding add-on with the purpose of building your own white-label ad system on top of AdSpeed platform and plan to reuse content from, you must follow these guidelines. We aim to be as flexible as possible while preserving our brand, reputation, integrity and standard. This page only provides a very general guideline, if you have any specific question or request on potential material to be included into your front-end website, please contact us.


Please contact us before you translate any article or instructional page into your language. The translation must have the same meaning as the original version.


We do not approve a verbatim/exact copy of our content. An article must be rephrased and approved by us in writing before you can include it into your private-brand ad system.


We reserve the right to ask you to modify and/or remove materials that are not conform to our standard at our own discretion.


You are required to submit any modified content that you plan to reuse from for our written approval before publishing them onto your private-brand ad system.

Legal Documents

Legal documents include the Terms of Service and Privacy Statement are specific to We do not approve copies or modifications to these documents for your private-brand ad system.