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Documentation for API methods to manage one or multiple advertisers.

API Version

1.2.8 (build 20170113). This page was updated on Sun, 19 Feb 17 15:20:54 -0500. Since the API method and response format can change from one version to another, you should check this page for updates.

API Methods - Advertiser


Returns the number of active, deleted and total advertisers linked to this publisher
  • None
Sample Request
Sample Response
<Advertisers total="2" active="1" pending="0" deleted="1"/>


Returns the list of advertisers linked to this publisher
  • perpage Optional, default value is "10"
    The number of items per page. Maximum value is 100.
  • page Optional, default value is "1"
    The page number
Sample Request
Sample Response
<Advertisers total="2" page="1" numpage="1" perpage="4">
  <Advertiser id="1772" name="advertiser" status="active"/>
  <Advertiser id="20469" name="nutrio2" status="deleted"/>


Create a new advertiser account and link it to my publisher account. Limit 50 calls/day. Submit via POST.
  • username Required
    Username for this advertiser
  • password Required
  • fullname Required
    Contact full name (First Last)
  • email Required
    Contact email address
  • company Required
    Company name
  • companyurl Required
    Company website (begins with http:// or https://)
  • sendwelcome Optional, default value is "yes"
    Do you want to send a welcome email to this advertiser?
Sample Request
Sample Response
<Advertiser id="1234" name="SampleAdvertiserUserName" status="active"></Advertiser>

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