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AdSpeed API Overview

AdSpeed API (Application Programming Interface) is a value-added service we provide to all clients. Publishers and advertisers can write software to automatically collect information about their zones, ads, campaigns, and reports directly from AdSpeed. Web developers are also encouraged to use the API to build applications on our platform. We reserve the right to change the API details and decline or terminate access prior or without notice.

API Key and API Secret

You need an API key and an API secret to use the API. They can be viewed under the menu Tools / API for Developers. The API key is required on all requests from your application to our system. The API secret is used to sign each request.

Making Request

Requests are made by issuing simple REST queries to our API server. Limit 600 requests per hour (across all methods) and 2400 requests per 24-hour period (for each individual method). Certain methods might have additional restrictions and specifications. If you need a higher limit, please contact us for a custom quote.
Sample GET Request
Sample POST Request
EndPoint_URL = '';
POST_Data = array(
  'key' = YOUR_API_KEY,
  'method' = METHOD_NAME,
  'param1' = VALUE,
  'param2' = VALUE,


Results are sent back in XML format, which could be read by any standard XML parser. Example:
<Response version="1.0.0 (build 123456)">
    <Zones active="8" deleted="2" total="10"></Zones>

Signing Request

Replace YOUR_KEY and YOUR_SECRET with the actual value provided in your account. Each API call must be signed with the following steps:
  1. Sort all parameters in alphabetical order. Encode each value if it contains special characters. Join parameters with "&" into a string.
  2. Prepend your secret string to the beginning of the sorted argument string in Step 1
  3. Generate a lower-case hash (MD5) for the string in Step 2
  4. Append the hash to the call as an additional parameter

Code Sample

We have prepared an example PHP class to access our API.

API Version

1.4.6 (build 20240530). This page was updated on Tue, 04 Jun 24 17:18:02 -0400. Since the API method and response format can change from one version to another, you should check this page for updates.

API Methods - Overview

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