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Getting Started

An ad network consists of:
  1. Publishers and their websites
  2. Advertisers and their advertisements
Please follow these basic steps to setup your ad network:

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1. Setup Ads/Advertisers

1.1. Create an Ad
  • Follow the menu "Ads / Create a new Ad"
  • Choose an ad format
  • Enter an ad name
  • Fill in other required and optional ad settings
1.2. Add an Advertiser (optional)
  • Enable the Advertiser module from the menu "My Account / Add-ons / Advertisers"
  • Follow the menu "Advertisers / Add a new Advertiser"
  • Click the Add tab and fill in the required fields
1.3. Link Ad to an Advertiser (optional)
  • Follow the menu "Ads / All"
  • Click on the ad name
  • Click on Relations / All Advertisers tab
  • Check the suitable permission box to allow your advertiser to View and/or Edit this ad, then click the Link button

2. Setup Publishers

2.1. Add a new Website
  • Sign into your account, follow menu "Publishers / Add a new Publisher"
  • Fill in the name and URL address of the website
2.2. Add User to a Website (optional)
  • Follow the menu "Publishers / All"
  • Click on a website name
  • Click on the User Access tab and fill in the user registration form
  • This user, a site partner, can sign into his/her own account. A site partner has read-only permissions (view linked zones/ads, generate stats reports, and get the ad tag) and cannot modify items
2.3. Create a Zone
  • Follow the menu "Zones / Create a new Zone"
  • Enter a name for this zone on this website. This allows your site partners to display ads in different placements. For example: all site partners have two dimension options: 728x90 ads and 160x600 ads
2.4. Link Zone to a Website
  • Follow menu "Publishers / All"
  • Click on a Website
  • Click on All Zones tab
  • Check the box for the zone that you want to link to this website
2.5. Link Ad to a Zone
  • Follow the menu "Zones / All"
  • Click on the zone name
  • Click on All Ads tab
  • Check the boxes for the ads that should be displayed within this zone
2.6. Set Payout Rates (optional)
The advertiser pays you the full rates (CPM, CPC, CPA) for this ad. You can set individual payout rates for each of the site partners. For example: advertiser X pays $10/CPM to you, you pay site A $6/CPM and site B $7/CPM.

After linking the ads to the appropriate zones:

  • Click on the ad name, then click on "Rates" tab
  • The first tab, Full Rates for Advertiser, is the rate that you get from your advertiser
  • The second tab, Payout Rates for Site Partner, is the rates that you pay to your site partners

2.7. Get the Ad Tag
You can now send the ad tag (serving code) to your publishers directly or they can also generate the ad tag on their own by signing into the account that you have created for them.
  • Follow the menu "Zones / All"
  • Click on a zone name
  • Click the Ad Tag tab
  • Paste this HTML ad tag into your web page where you want to show the advertisement

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