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Advertisers buy ad inventory/space on websites from publishers to promote certain products or services. Advertisers can sign into their advertiser account to add campaigns, create ads, place orders with publishers, and view ad stats for their campaigns and ads.


A publisher can have multiple advertisers. Each advertiser can have multiple campaigns and ads. Each campaign can have multiple ads. For example: advertiser Candidate_JohnDoe has a campaign called Mayor_District5. This campaign includes 2 ads: TaxBreak and ImproveEducation.

Enable/Disable the Advertiser feature

This feature is not enabled by default for a simple interface. You will need to enable it by signing into your account and following the menu My Account / Add-ons / Advertisers Enable/Disable

Add a new advertiser

Each advertiser can have his/her own account with a username and password. You can click on the menu Advertisers / Add a new Advertiser and enter the advertiser's details. The advertiser will receive a welcome message with login instructions. Upon the first login, the advertiser's status will turn from gray/pending to green/active.

Link an ad to an advertiser

  • Click on an ad name
  • Click on Relations / All Advertisers tab
  • Select an Advertiser to link. Select a permission level: View and/or Edit, then click the Link button
Your advertiser can only view ads that you link to his/her account. Your advertiser cannot see ads linked to another advertiser or ads not yet linked to any advertiser account.

View a Report for All Advertisers

You can view a breakdown report that lists impressions and clicks for all of your advertisers, one advertiser per line.
  • Click on menu "Reports / Basics / Daily"
  • Click on tab "Advertisers"
  • Click on "Advertiser Impressions" or "Advertiser Clicks" to view the breakdown report

Where do my advertisers login to view their ads?

Your advertisers can sign into their advertiser accounts using the same login form as publishers.

Can I manage campaigns and reports for my advertisers?

Advertisers can be self-service or fully-managed. Self-service advertisers can manage ads, campaigns and reports by themselves. Fully-managed advertisers allow you, the publisher, to set up their account initially and to login and manage their account. When adding a new advertiser account, fully-managed is the default setting. By default, the advertiser has the option to turn off publisher's login permission and become a self-service advertiser account.

To login and manage an advertiser account:

  • Click on an advertiser's username
  • Click on Manage tab
  • Click on the login link near the bottom to sign into this advertiser's account

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