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Getting Started

An advertiser can buy advertising directly from a publisher. An advertiser can sign up for his/her own account, create ads, create campaigns, link ads to a publisher and campaign, buy impressions/clicks/conversions or ad display time. The work flow is described next:


Advertiser can sign up via an existing media kit created by your publisher. You can choose a specific zone to place your ad or let the publisher choose the most suitable zone for your ad.
  • View the publisher's media kit with current ad metrics (impressions, clicks) and zones available for advertising
  • Click on a zone to view its performance and pricing
  • Click on the "Place an ad in this zone" link on the media kit.
  • Enter your contact details and required info on the registration form.

Order an Ad

  • When placing your first ad, you will be automatically redirected to creating a new ad. To create the next ad(s), please follow the menu "Ads / Create a new Ad"
  • Choose an ad type
  • Enter the ad name
  • Fill in required and optional ad settings
Once you save the ad settings, you'll be guided through the next steps:
  • Apply Ad Targeting to the ad to target and restrict it to certain market segments. This is optional and with no restriction, the ad shows to all visitors
  • Link to Publisher to allow the publisher to view and/or edit this ad
  • Place Order to buy clicks, impressions, conversions or a fixed ad display time
Once the order is placed, an invoice will be generated automatically. If the zone rates are set for the right rate type and ad dimension, the advertiser can continue to make payment. Otherwise, the advertiser will have to wait for the final invoice from publisher. The ad creation process is finished. You can link this ad to a campaign as described below but it's optional.

Create a Campaign

A campaign is a collection of related ads or offers. A campaign can link to zero, one or multiple ads. Ads can be linked to zero, one or multiple campaigns. An advertiser can have multiple campaigns. Ad performance are reported for each campaign and its creatives. Only advertisers can access and manage their own campaigns. Publishers do not see or manage campaigns.
  • Follow the menu "Campaigns / Create a new Campaign"
  • Enter the Campaign name

Link Ads to a Campaign

  • Follow the menu "Campaigns / All"
  • Click on the Campaign name
  • Click on the All Ads tab
  • Check the relevant ads for this campaign and click the Link button

Generate Reports

  • Follow the menu "Campaigns / All"
  • Click on the Campaign you want to generate reports.
  • Click on the Reports tab to view reports.

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