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How do I use AdSpeed Ad Server in Drupal?

If your site is powered by Drupal, it is easy to integrate AdSpeed Ad Server into your website.

Setting up a Drupal block

These are the instructions to add the ad tag into Drupal via the Drupal block without installing or using a custom module.
  • Sign into your Drupal admin account
  • Click on "Structure", click on "Blocks", then click on "Add New Block"
  • Enter the block's public title (eg: "Advertising") and description
  • Paste the ad tag you generated from AdSpeed into the "Body" field and select "Full HTML"
  • Click on "Save Block"
  • Once the block is saved, you should see it in the list of available blocks and corresponding regions
  • Click on the "Region" arrow for that block and select an appropriate ad placement region (eg: sidebar, footer) and click "Save Blocks"

Older Drupal Versions

  1. Copy the serving code of the zone or a specific ad
  2. Sign into your Drupal account. Go to the Administration area of your website
  3. Click "Administer"
  4. Choose "Site building"
  5. Click on "Blocks"
  6. Click the "Add block" button
  7. Put in your information for "Block description" and "Block titile"
  8. Paste the ad tag into "Block body"
  9. Click on "Input format" under the "Block body"
  10. Choose "Full HTML"
  11. Click "Save block"
  12. Under the "Disabled" part, find the added block
  13. From the drop-down menu, choose the position the block should appear on the website to activate it
  14. Click "Save block" again

AdSpeed Ad Server Module for Drupal

This custom Drupal module enables you to display ads in your website while managing, serving, and tracking ad metrics (impressions, clicks) with your existing AdSpeed account.
Download and Install
  1. Download AdSpeed Ad Server Module for Drupal package
  2. Unzip it to drupal/modules/ folder. The module files should be placed inside drupal/modules/adspeed/
  3. Click on Drupal's menu Administer / Site Building / Modules and check the box to enable "AdSpeed Ad Server" module
Click on Drupal's menu Administer / Site Configuration / AdSpeed Ad Server to make change to the settings. You can create multiple ad blocks and set the zone ID for each block. After saving the new configuration, you can click on Drupal's menu Administer / Site Building / Blocks to enable, move, or arrange the defined ad blocks to display ads on your website.

Place multiple ads on header and both sidebars

If you have two sidebars (left and right) and want to place multiple ads in both sidebars and also the page header, you should use the single-call ad request method for the fastest performance. In this setup, you do not use AdSpeed module described in the previous section since it only supports a single zone for each block. Instead, you would manually create 3 Drupal blocks, one for the header and one for each of the sidebar. Instructions to create a Drupal block is described on the top section.
  1. Setup the ads and zones in your AdSpeed account. You would need to determine which zones are on the left sidebar and which zones are on the right sidebar
  2. Click on the main menu "Tools / Wizard" in your AdSpeed account to generate the serving code for this single-call setup. The output will have 2 parts: "Preparing ads" and "Displaying each ad"
  3. Create the first block in Drupal, paste the code from "Preparing ads" section and the code for the Header zone from "Displaying each ad" section in step 2
  4. Create the second block in Drupal and paste the code for the Left sidebar zones from "Displaying each ad" section in step 2
  5. Create the third block in Drupal and paste the code for the Right sidebar zones from "Displaying each ad" section in step 2
  6. Link all 3 blocks to their corresponding regions (eg: Header, Sidebar first, Sidebar second)
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