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How do I use AdSpeed Ad Server in Joomla?

If your site is powered by Joomla, you will find our Joomla module easy to install and integrate to your website. This module enables you to display ads on your Joomla website. You manage, serve, track ad impressions and ad clicks with your existing account.

Download and Install

  1. Download AdSpeed Ad Server Plugin for Joomla package
  2. Click on Joomla's menu Extensions / Manage / Install
  3. Upload and install from the .zip package or install directly via the above link
  4. Click on Joomla's menu Extensions / Modules to manage this new module
  5. Click on the module name to edit required and optional settings


When you click on the module, you'll be able to change its title, display an ad zone, and set custom parameters.
  • Zone ID: Please enter a zone ID number in your AdSpeed account to display ads for that zone.
  • Target Window/Frame: You can enter _blank for a new window or _top for the same window.
  • Custom Ad Serving Parameters: You can enter targeting keywords, auto-refresh seconds, or other advanced ad serving parameters here.


If you cannot install or use this extension in Joomla, please follow these instructions to manually integrate the ad tag into Joomla.

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