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Customize the interstitial ad template

You can change the look and layout for the container page of interstitial ads. This feature requires a White Label subscription. For example, you could use a different background, place your logo, or display the "Skip This Ad" link in another language. When editing the template, these following tags have special meanings:
  1. {AS:TITLE}
    Dynamically set the title of the page to be the alt attribute of this ad. You could set your own static/fixed title instead of using this tag. This tag should be placed in the TITLE of the HEAD section.
    The control scripts required for interstitial ads to work. Put this tag between the HEAD section.
    The URL/link to the original page if the visitor does not want to wait. Put this tag inside the hyperlink so your visitors can click to skip the ad.
    Display the number of seconds left before the ad disappears. The number will decrease every second until the main page resumes. The default message is "Skip this ad or wait X seconds".
  5. {AS:AD_CODE}
    Dynamically display the ad code. Put this tag where you want the ad to appear.

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