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Mobile In-App Interstitial Ad with MRAID

MRAID (Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions) is a common API that helps mobile ad creators and native mobile app developers to agree on a set of ad interactions and behaviors for interstitial ads, expandable ads, close/click buttons, etc. If an app uses an MRAID-compliant SDK, it is very easy to serve mobile ads from a mobile adserver. IAB provides a useful test app called MRAID Ads SDK Tester so you can create the HTML ad and test it before sending it over to the app developer/publisher.

Create an MRAID interstitial ad

  • Click on the menu Ads / Create a new ad and choose the ad type to be Rich-Media/HTML
  • Paste the ad code from the example code below
  • Customize the image URL, the landing/click URL and any other customizations
  • Generate the JavaScript-based serving code and paste into your MRAID-compatible mobile app

Example Code


Ad Management

You can serve a single mobile interstitial ad or group multiple mobile interstitial ads into a zone and get the zone's ad tag to rotate them. To avoid displaying the default error message when there is no available mobile interstitial ad in the zone, check the box to hide all errors when generating the ad tag.

Ad Tag

You can generate and paste the JavaScript ad tag into your MRAID-compatible mobile app.

If you need our assistance with this type of ad, please create the ad in your account and submit a ticket with the ad ID and your mobile integration details.

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