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Peeling Ad

Peeling ad (also called page peel, page ear, peel-back or peel-away ad) allows interested visitors to view the full ad by moving the mouse to the page corner. The ad displays only as a small sneak-peak with peeling effects when the page first loads. Move the mouse over the ad and it will expand to a larger viewing area.


You can view a sample page peel ad on this page: Demo


For your convenience, you can use the Rich-Media ad wizard to create the HTML code for a page peel ad.
  • Follow the menu "Tools / Wizards", click tab "Rich-Media Wizard" and choose the ad type to be "Page Peel"
  • Enter the full URL for the ad image, the peeling image and the click/landing URL
  • The wizard will show the HTML code that you need to create an HTML ad
  • Click the menu "Ads / Create a new ad"
  • Choose the ad type to be Rich-Media/HTML ad
  • Enter the HTML provided by the wizard
  • For the ad dimension, you can set it to 1x1

Ad Tag

The serving code for this ad should be in JavaScript format. It could be placed anywhere within your web page. However, it is suggested to place the serving ad tag near the bottom of the page to avoid slowing down the whole page. By doing this, the ad will only appear after the page has finished loading.

If you need our assistance with this type of ad, please create a sample ad in your account and let us know the ad name so that we can check and modify appropriate settings.

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