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Polite Ad or Two-Phase Ad

If you have a non-streaming ad that can take a long time to download, you do not want it to affect visitor's experience. A polite ad is loaded in two phases:
  1. The initial load is a compact image or SWF file that is smaller in size so there is no delay in loading other contents on the page. This could be the first few frames of the ad, or a teaser.
  2. The main load is the full version of the ad. The full ad can have a larger file size. It is loaded only after the whole web page has finished loading into the visitor's browser. This behavior creates a more positive user experience.

Setup a polite ad

To build the ad code for a polite ad in our system, please use the rich-media wizard when creating a new HTML/Rich-Media ad. If you need technical assistance, please submit a ticket with your username and the ad ID.

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