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Floating Ad or Layer Ad

Floating ad (also called layer ad or overlay ad) is a special type of ad that flows/slides into the main page using animation. You can set a delay before the ad begins sliding into the page and set the ad position on the main page. The user can click on a Close button to make it disappear or the ad will close itself within a number of seconds.

Ad Management

You can group multiple floating ads into a zone and get the zone's ad tag to rotate floating ads. To avoid displaying the default error banner when there is no available floating ad in the zone, check the box to hide all errors when generating the ad tag.


Please view the floating ad demo for a sample sliding/floating ad.


To customize the sample ad to your own ad:
  • Change the content of the ad container
  • If it's a Flash/SWF ad, apply the close button code
  • Modify the positioning and animation variables: AdSpeed_TopMargin, AdSpeed_LeftMargin, and AdSpeed_SlideTime
  • The ad automatically closes after a customizable number of seconds or can be disabled

Create a floating ad

  • Click on the menu Ads/Create a new ad and choose the ad type to be Rich-Media/HTML
  • Paste the ad code from the demo page into the box
  • Customize the ad content to your own ad. It could be a text link, a form, a Flash banner, or a standard image
  • Generate the JavaScript-based ad tag. Do not use Iframe-based ad tag because it needs to position the ad on the main page

Flash/SWF Ad

If the floating ad is a Flash ad then the ActionScript code for the Close button should call the external JavaScript function to close the ad. The function should be defined in the HTML ad code. It should look similar to this:
on(release) {  
Additionally, a proper clickTAG should be appended to the SWF file for click tracking.

Floating Ad with Vertical Scrolling

Another visual effect of a floating ad is to follow the scroll bar. When you scroll down, the ad moves down. When you scroll up, the ad moves up. Thus, it's always visible to the visitor. Typically, it's the sidebar ad (120x600, 160x600) on long pages. To create this ad, please use AdSpeed Rich-Media wizard interface built into your account.

Advanced Options

You can limit the floating ad to display once per day or a number of times per week with Time Capping and Frequency Capping

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