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Ad Blocker Detection

Ad blockers, like AdBlock or AdBlockPlus, are a problem with publishers that depend on advertising. They work with a block list of URLs and patterns and you can learn more about ad blocking here. To detect ad blocking, you can implement a check to determine ad block status and handle users who block advertising on your site accordingly with this code on your page:
<script src="//" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
  window.addEventListener('load', function () {
    if (document.getElementById('My-AdServer')) { 
      alert('Good! Ads NOT Blocked'); 

      // Records in Google Analytics (choose one method: ga or gtag)
      // ga('send','event','Ads Blocked?','No',{'nonInteraction':true});
      // gtag('event','Ads Blocked?',{'event_label':'No','event_category':'Advertising','non_interaction':true});

    } else { 
      alert('Bad! Ads BLOCKED'); 

      // Records in Google Analytics (choose one method: ga or gtag)
      // ga('send','event','Ads Blocked?','Yes',{'nonInteraction':true});
      // gtag('event','Ads Blocked?',{'event_label':'Yes','event_category':'Advertising','non_interaction':true});

      // do something since this viewer is not seeing ads on your site
      // eg: if you want to redirect to your advertising/ad-supported notice page
      // window.location = "";
You should change the default behavior, which opens a message dialog, to a suitable action. You can show a message, redirect to a notice/entrant page or log the response into your web analytics software (eg: Google Analytics) to find out how big of an impact from ad blockers on your site and advertising revenue.

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