Help Center About AdSpeed Case Studies Publisher Profile connects thousands of students, their families with boarding schools every month. It serves as community hub for families asking questions and learning about U.S. and Canadian boarding schools. Therefore, AdmissionsQuest is the perfect platform for various schools and educational services to present and appeal to prospective parents and students.

The Problems

Before using AdSpeed, AdmissionsQuest found it time-consuming and tedious to publish and manage ads. The ads on the website have specific requirements regarding sizes and placement in order to stand out while still blend in well with the aesthetics of the homepage. The required time and resources for this process were too demanding. There must be a better way.

The Solution

AdSpeed's simple and intuitive interface streamlines the process of creating and managing ads. It requires no programming knowledge and can be done anywhere with an Internet connection.

AdmissionsQuest has been using AdSpeed to publish customized ads for its advertisers. Our technology provides a user-friendly interface to publish customized image and text link ads with numerous possibilities. Great freedom in customization and ad placement has made the ads on the homepage looks integrated and relevant to visitors. Banner ads being served through AdSpeed capture attention of targeted visitors, benefiting both AdmissionsQuest and their advertisers. AdSpeed also offers a dedicated area for AdmissionsQuest's advertisers to view ad performance reports and edit ads on their own time and pace.

AdmissionsQuest also caters to international students, which visit the website from outside of the United States and Canada. AdSpeed takes pride in providing great stability for AdmissionsQuest with a global network of ad servers, ensuring a stable infrastructure for the fastest ad delivery to all visitors.


AdSpeed is an independent ad server and ad manager, combining the latest ad serving technologies with advanced web analytics. With trillions of ads served to satisfaction since 2000, AdSpeed provides a complete solution to manage ad inventory and maximize your advertising revenue.

For more information about using AdSpeed to manage your ad inventory effectively and bring in more revenue, contact us today.

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