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Our Clients

AdSpeed clients range from hobby websites with less than 100,000 monthly page views to high traffic publishers with over 100 million monthly page views. We are serving ads for over 1000 clients in 60 countries.

News Providers

More and more people get their news from online sources. With this trend, newspapers extend and strengthen their online presence. Advertisers increase their budget for online advertising. We have clients who publish local newspapers, online magazines, and industry portals.


A hobby can become a career for those who can find and exploit opportunities. All industries have companies that want to sell their products. If you can connect them with potential consumers, you can earn money from advertising. We have clients who are experts in fly-fishing, cycling, aquariums, tropical fishes, dolls, costumes, etc.

Industry Associations and Chambers of Commerce

Networking is important for any business and every industry has one or more associations to promote and protect its interests. Similarly, cities and regions have chambers of commerce to connect businesses, organizations and customers together. Industry associations and local chambers of commerce use AdSpeed Ad Server to display and promote local businesses, members and sponsors within their networks.


Everyone is an expert in his/her field. Writing and talking about your expertise is a great way to share knowledge, share your opinions and educate the public. If you have an audience, advertisers will want to reach them via your blog. We have bloggers discussing hair fashion, mobile technology, online security, business plan writing, makeup tutorials, travel tips, party ideas, local tour guides, etc.

E-commerce Sites

A product always has its add-ons and related products. An e-commerce site can use our ad server to bring awareness to complementary products. Cross-selling and up-selling to existing customers can increase revenue substantially since the customers already express their interests. We have clients rotate case studies for their multiple products, run classified ads, display slideshows of their portfolios.

Web Designers, Developers, Consultants

If you build websites for your clients and they are looking to place and sell advertising on their websites, you can refer them to AdSpeed or resell AdSpeed ad server directly to your clients. We have IT consulting and marketing firms that confidently recommend AdSpeed ad server to their clients. Some of these firms fully manage their client accounts on a daily basis.


This is a very small sample of our clients:
  • - Tropical Pet Fish
  • - Disney Vacations
  • - Puerto Rico Classified Ads
  • - Fly Fishing
  • - Network for Insect Collectors
  • - Boarding and Private Schools
If you would like to see more client testimonials and references, please feel free to contact us.

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Information about our company, products and services

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  • Ad Server for Ad Networks
    Do you want to build your own ad network? Do you have great relationships with many publishers and advertisers?
  • Ad Server for Advertisers
    Advertisers purchase advertising from many different sources, including individual websites, ad networks and ad exchanges. With this complex setup, you need an ad server on your side.
  • Ad Server for Agencies
    An ad agency plans, designs, creates, manages and buys advertising on publisher's properties for its clients, the advertisers. AdSpeed Ad Server helps the agency manage its client's advertisements, serve ads on publishing partners and track ad performance.
  • Ad Server for Publishers
    As a publisher, you own and operate a website with available ad space for advertising. Advertisers pay you to display ads on your website.
  • Fast Delivery and Ad Media Manager
    Upload media files, banner images, and video ads directly onto our ad servers instead of hosting them on your own web servers. Our global network of ad servers will deliver these files quickly to your viewers.
  • Private Branding / White Label
    A white label displays your company's name and builds your brand directly with your users. It makes you look more professional while enjoying all the features and benefits of a powerful ad server.

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    • I see the serious value in your platform and plan to integrate into all my apps. It gives me complete flexibility to change ads/advertisers without having to release updates to the application. This is a huge benefit for developers who have not found the perfect advertiser yet. I have been very happy with everything so far: documentation, customer support, platform navigation, and ease of setup.

      Omar A
      OhmzTech, LLC

    • Thanks! We are a fan of AdSpeed.

      Maarten D
      Modation Online Concepts