Help Center About AdSpeed Case Studies Publisher Profile is the meeting place for entomologists, insect collectors, hobbyists, craftspeople, traders, and dealers. The site offers all the information imaginable related to insects. is a highly targeted advertising venue for entomological suppliers, specimen traders, artists and craftspeople.

The Problems

Before using AdSpeed, advertisements on the site had limited power in reaching relevant and targeted visitors. Impressions were wasted due to lack of control on ad display. Ads were not tracked and reported in details, making it difficult for InsectNet and its advertisers to gauge the effectiveness of the ads.

The Solution

Using AdSpeed ad management solution, InsectNet offers two ways to advertise on their website: Billboard Space and Standard Rotating Banner (468 x 60). This is made possible through AdSpeed's flexible management tools. Freedom in ad customization and ad placement makes it easy for InsectNet to publish, edit, put up and take down ads for their advertisers very quickly. InsectNet can offer what the advertisers want, whether it is a static billboard ad or a rotating banner ad.

AdSpeed also enables InsectNet to target ads regarding different geographical locations, time zones, and frequency capping. This feature allows each ad to reach the maximum targeted customers, while allowing InsectNet to reserve the extra impressions for other advertisers, maximizing theirs revenue while minimizing lost impressions.

InsectNet has utilized AdSpeed's extensive features for advertisers, offering a dedicated account to each of their advertisers so that they can log in and track banner statistics (views, clicks, click-thru rate, visitor list, and other reports). These reports help advertisers analyze the ad performance and adjust their advertising strategies.

InsectNet chooses AdSpeed for its flexible contract terms, allowing them to upgrade/downgrade anytime with no hidden costs. This creates a confidence and peace of mind to use AdSpeed services.

InsectNet is also pleased with AdSpeed's customer service. Our tech support is always available to help InsectNet, guiding them to a solution, and even creating new tools to cater to InsectNet specific needs. At AdSpeed, we highly value our personal relationship with our customers.


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