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Zone is ad placement. A zone consists of one or more ads. Zones display, serve, shuffle, cycle, randomize, and rotate ads.
You can get an ad tag, also called serving code, for each individual zone. Other terms for a zone include ad slot and ad placement. Zone setups are very flexible and each publisher has a different situation. A series of zones can be linked together to form a chain of zones to separate premium from remnant ad inventory.

Zone Organization

You can break down by content sections (eg: Travel, Automobile, Legal), or by ad sizes (eg: 468x60, 728x90), or by ad position (eg: Top-468x60, Right-Skyscraper), or a hybrid naming convention (eg: Homepage-Top-468x60, Homepage-Left-120x300, Blog-Right-120x600).

If you need our customized advice on setting up and organizing zones for your specific website, please contact us and describe your advertising objectives in details. Our ad serving solution specialist will visit your website and proposes a suitable zone setup.


A publisher can have multiple zones. Each zone can link to zero, one or multiple ads. A zone can link to one or more channels. You can get the ad tag for each zone. A zone's ad tag will display ads within the zone. In other words, it will rotate this pool of ads.

An ad can be linked to zero, one or multiple zones. If you already have a zone's ad tag on your website, adding a new ad or removing an expired ad from this zone does not require a replacement of the existing ad tag. In this case, you do not need to make any change to your web page.

If you have an ad placement that is static or does not rotate, you can still use a zone that links to only one ad. This setup can be useful when you want to switch to a new ad but you do not need to update the existing ad tag on your website. You can simply link the new ad into the zone and deactivate the old ad.

Create a New Zone

  • Sign into your account, follow the menu Zones / Create a New Zone
  • Enter the zone name
  • Depending on your ad setup, you can change the zone type from Standard/Default to Email or Video type

View Zones

You can view the list of zones from the main menu Zones / All. When viewing the list of zones, you can select a radio button for a zone and click the button "Favorite" to mark the zone as Favorite. You can also view a tree diagram that lists all zones as the first level nodes and its linked ads or secondary zones as the second level nodes.
  • Sign into your account, follow the menu Zones / All
  • Click on the Zone's name
  • Click on the All Ads tab. There will be two listings: the top is the ads currently linked to this zone, the bottom is the ads not yet linked to this zone
  • Uncheck an ad in the top listing will remove it from this zone
  • Check an ad in the bottom listing will link it to this zone

Generate the Ad Tag for a Zone

  • Sign into your publisher account, follow the menu Zones/All
  • Click on the zone's name
  • Select the Ad Tag tab
  • Copy and paste the ad tag into the location you want to display the ad

Apply Restriction(s) to a Zone

  • Sign into your publisher account, follow the menu Zones/All
  • Click on the zone's name
  • Select the Restrictions tab and click on Add

Smart Zone

A smart zone can automatically link to ads with certain attributes and conditions. Learn more

Supported Ad Formats

By default, a zone, ad placement, accepts all ad formats (image/banner ads, Flash/SWF ads, Rich-Media/HTML ads, text link ads). If you want to allow only certain formats, you can change the zone's advanced setting. This is useful when a zone is published in your media kit and you only allow advertisers to submit certain ad formats. For example, the zone for your classified section only accepts text link ads.

Email/Newsletter Zone

You can serve image ads inside your email newsletters. Learn more about email zone.

Video Zone

A video zone is designed to rotate multiple pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll video ads. The ad tag for a video zone is VAST-compliant. A self-service video zone can be set to limit video ads of a certain duration (eg: only videos between from 10 to 30 seconds). Learn more about video ad serving.

Zone Chain

Multiple zones can form a zone chain for a flexible and advanced ad serving setup. A zone can have a secondary zone. In case no ad can be selected from the primary zone, our ad server will look for an ad from the secondary zone. Learn more about secondary ad zone.

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