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Email Reports

Instead of logging into your account on a daily basis to check on ad performance, you can schedule our ad server to send you an email report. You can have the ad server send a report to any email address on a specific interval of your choice. The email report can be sent daily, weekly, or monthly. Each email report can include a PDF, HTML, or CSV attachment for data storage, printing, or further analysis. With CTR reports, you can further choose only the fields you want to see in the report with column customization.


  • Send a report that includes daily impressions and clicks on the first day of every month to client@example.com
  • Send a report that includes weekly CTR every 2 weeks
  • Send a one-time report that includes impressions and clicks on a specific future date or the day after the ad campaign ends

Schedule or Send an Email Report

  • Follow the main menu "Reports \ Email Reports"
  • Click tab "Add"
  • Choose one of the available report types: Basics, CTR, Revenue, etc.
  • Select an entity from the drop down list. It could be a zone, a group, a channel, an ad, or an advertiser
  • The report will display and at the bottom of this page, there is a form to schedule the same report to be sent via email
  • Enter a report name, specify an interval and other settings and click "Schedule"

Manage Reports

Please see instructions on how to manage existing reports.

Report Settings

  • Interval: choose to send a one-time report, or schedule the report to be sent daily, weekly, monthly or yearly
  • To/CC Email: setup a primary recipient email address and multiple carbon-copy email addresses separated by commas
  • Name/Subject: customize the name and email subject of this report
  • Format/Attachment: in additional to the data table as the email content, you can receive a file attachment in the format of your choice (Excel/CSV, PDF, HTML or none)
  • Start/End Date: set a beginning and end date for a scheduled report. By default, it begins the same day and ends after 2 years
  • From Email: if you schedule reports on behalf of another recipient (your client, advertiser or supervisor), you can change the From email address to be your own email address
  • Send only when this Trigger is activated: check if a condition is met before this report should be sent. Learn more

Showing Specific Columns

You can choose to include certain columns in a specific order when sending and scheduling an email report. For example: you only want to send the number of Gross Impressions and no other fields for a group of ads. Learn More

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