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Blocking and Excluding IP Addresses

To control ad serving and to fight ad fraud, you can add or remove IPs from these lists:

Exclude List

If you and your co-workers test the website fully-loaded with ads regularly, impressions and clicks can potentially be skewed by these activities. In this case, you can exclude your company's internal IP addresses from recording test impressions and clicks.


There are also scenarios when you want to fight impression/click fraud by blocking IP addresses or ranges that use automated tools to inflate clicks/impressions.


If you have certain IPs that should never be in the blocklist/blacklist but you still want to record impressions and clicks from these IPs, you can add them into the whitelist

Excluding vs. Allowing vs. Blocking

Blocked IP addresses will not see any ad (no error is displayed, just a blank/empty ad placement) while excluded IP addresses will see ads as usual but clicks and impressions are not recorded. Whitelisted IPs will see and have their impressions/clicks recorded normally. Therefore, it is recommended to:
  • exclude IP addresses that you use to test ads
  • allow (whitelist) your office IP addresses
  • block (blacklist) spam, fraud, attack, or other malicious IP addresses


Click on the main menu My Account / Profile, then choose the Settings tab. There are two fields: one for Excluding and one for Blocking. Each IP address entry is separated by a comma. Wildcard notation is supported. For example: 192.168.2.*,, The input field has a length limit of 250 characters. If you have many IPs to be excluded, please prepare a text file with one IP/range on each line and contact us. For a complex exclusion, a one-time setup fee might apply.

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