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Gross Click and Unique Click

Similar to impressions, a gross click is counted every time a visitor clicks on the ad. It includes duplications and repeated clicks. On the other hand, only one unique click is counted per 24-hour period per ad, even when the visitor clicks on the same ad multiple times. After 24 hours, if this visitor clicks on this ad again, a new unique click is counted. A browser's cookie is used to distinguish between a unique and gross click. When the cookie is removed, deleted or disabled, a unique click is the same as a gross click.


  • Visitor A clicked: Ad1, Ad2, Ad1
  • Visitor B clicked: Ad1, Ad3
  • Ad1 has 2 unique and 3 gross clicks
  • Ad2 has 1 unique and 1 gross clicks
  • Ad3 has 1 unique and 1 gross click


The number of unique clicks should be close to the number of gross clicks. If there are many gross clicks to unique clicks, you should be concerned with fraudulent or inflated clicks.

Similar terms

Similar terms include "click-thru", "click-through", or "clk". A gross click is the default term and is simply referred to as a click in our ad server.

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