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What are Bonus Impressions? How does the customer appreciation program work?

As your website becomes more popular and gets more traffic, your advertising revenue increases and so does your ad serving expense. With our customer appreciation program, we want to help you grow without passing additional ad serving expenses to your business.

How it works

Your monthly ad impression credits will automatically increase by 1% every month. The longer you stay with us, the more bonus impression credits you will accrue. The savings keep getting bigger over time.


If your current impression credit is 1,000,000 per month, it will be 1,010,000 (10,000 bonus) at the end of the first month. The calculation is similar to a bank saving deposit with a simple interest. This is a sample schedule:
  • After the 1st month: 1,010,000 impressions (1% more)
  • After the 2nd month: 1,020,000 impressions (2% more)
  • After the 12th month: total 1,120,000 (12% more)

Publishers with a package of multiple subscriptions

The bonus is calculated using the total impression credit in your account. For example, if you have 2 subscriptions:
  • Premium 10M (10 Mil impressions/month)
  • Premium 20M (20 Mil impressions/month)
The bonus would be 300,000 bonus impressions (1% of 30 Mil) after the first month. The larger the package, the more bonus you get every month.

It pays to stay with AdSpeed Ad Server! We hope to be your ad serving and management solution for many years to come.

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