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How do I calculate prorated impression usage?

When a subscription starts in the middle of a month, both the first payment and the first month's impression credits are prorated from the subscription's starting date to the end of the month.


You purchase Premium 100 plan (100,000 impression credits) on April 15. There are 15 days left and that is half of the month from April 15 to April 30.

Therefore, the first payment is 50% of the full monthly price and the number of available impression credits is 50,000 impressions (50% of 100,000 impressions).

On May 1st, this subscription will renew with the regular monthly amount and the account will also have the full 100,000 impression credits for May.

Usage Notice

If an impression usage notice is displayed on your dashboard during the first prorated period, your usage rate is likely exceeding your current plan.

For example: a Premium 100 plan started on April 15 would have 50,000 impression credits from April 15 to April 30. On April 25, or after 10 days, the account has already delivered 70,000 impression credits. You would see an usage alert on your dashboard because your projected monthly impression usage is 210,000 impressions (70,000 in 10 days is the same as 210,000 in 30 days).


If you receive an impression usage notice, please upgrade to a larger plan or contact us to buy more impressions.

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