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What happens if I use more than my impression limit?

Each subscription plan has an impression limit that can serve up to a certain number of impressions monthly. For example, the Premium 100 plan has a 100,000 impression limit; in any given calendar month, you can deliver up to 100,000 impressions.

Usage Level

If your account delivers more than the impression limit for the month, you will see a warning in the control panel. Fortunately, our Premium plans have Overage Insurance and it protects your ad serving from any interruption. However, we ask you to Upgrade to a larger plan (or add more plans to the current package) as soon as possible to avoid any serving issue.

Service Interruption

If your account continues to deliver a significant overage and it is not upgraded to a larger plan after several months, we have to discontinue serving ads for your account with prior notice. For all usage notifications, we'll contact you using the registered email address and other contact information on file. Therefore, it's best to keep your contact and payment information in our system up-to-date.

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You can begin serving ads immediately after registering with our adserver. All ad changes become effective immediately. You can add a new plan or upgrade to a larger Premium plan at anytime.

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