Advice for a new website

If you have a new website and are new to online advertising, we offer some basic tips to earn advertising revenue to support your business. We recommend you to take a moment to read through our blog series on this topic:

All advertisers want quality traffic, not just a huge amount of traffic. Therefore, you want to have more website visitors and also more activities from these visitors. The website needs to offer something unique, useful, entertaining and value-added so that people keep coming back and even get more involved with it. This is imperative in order for your business to sustain itself and then grow.

Of equal importance is getting feedback from real clients. Your clients include visitors, members and advertisers. Ask you visitors, members and advertisers for their sincere opinions and constructive suggestions about your concept, your mission/vision and more specifically, the website itself.

Once the basics have been mastered, there are some more advanced things you can do to increase your advertising revenue. Placing your advertisements in optimal locations and making use of ad serving features such as advertisement targeting are a couple of ways of accomplishing such an increase. Take a look at the following blogs when you feel you have mastered some of the basic mentioned above:

Furthermore, it is important to continuously monitor your website to see the result of your changes. With some time and effort, you will find what setup works best for you. Keep your material fresh and keep your website up-to-date. Consider using social networks to tunnel more traffic onto your site. Running a website as a business is like any other business, it needs constant attention.
August 21, 2014 (first published April 2012)


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