How to design a good ad banner (part 2)

ad placement design Even though there are many newer ad formats, banner ad serving is still one of the most popular because it is simple and effective. In the previous part, we recommend keeping the banner ad simple with a clear headline, strong visuals and without using too many fonts. Below are additional considerations to design an effective ad banner.

Use a consistent brand identity

Make sure the ad banner reflects your brand's look and feel. Use the same fonts, colors, and overall design elements that you use on your website and in your other marketing materials. This helps to create a cohesive brand identity and makes it easier for customers to recognize your ads and your company.

Make it relevant

The ad banner should be relevant to the product or service being advertised. Use language and imagery that is directly related to the advertised product or service. If you have customer reviews or testimonials, consider including them in the ad banner if it is short enough. These elements help build trust and credibility with viewers and potential customers.

Call to action

A good ad banner should have a clear call to action that tells the viewer what to do next. This could be to visit the advertised website, sign up for a newsletter, or make a purchase. Action words like “Click Here” or “Buy Now” in the banner encourages the viewer to take action instead of just viewing and forgetting about the ad.

Test different versions

It's important to evaluate different versions of the ad banner to see which one performs the best. Try changing the color scheme, the language, or the images to see which version gets the most clicks or conversions. A/B testing is a method of comparing multiple versions of an ad banner to see which one performs better. Many ad servers support this ad optimization feature. This can help you determine which elements of the ad banner are the most effective.

Optimize for mobile

Many people nowadays view websites and ads on their smartphones. Therefore, it's important to optimize the ad banner for mobile devices. Make sure the ad banner looks good, responsive to different screen sizes and is easy to read on a smaller screen. Even with 5G technologies, mobile devices are often on a slower cellular network than a landline Internet connection. With that in mind, make sure your ad file size is as small as possible without compromising quality.

Follow advertising guidelines

Different websites have different advertising guidelines, specifications and requirements that you need to follow. Some only support certain ad dimensions and have a maximum file size. Make sure you understand and follow these guidelines when you design your banner ad to ensure that your ad fits within the placement and looks good on the website. Satisfying all ad requirements also gets your ads quickly approved for display.

Keep it up to date

Make sure to keep the ad banner up to date with current pricing, promotions, and offers. If the ad banner is for a seasonal product or service, make sure to update it as needed. Otherwise, valuable impressions will be wasted because the advertised product or service is no longer valid or available.
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