New - Ad spending report for advertisers and ad agencies

As an advertising agency, or an advertiser, you want to know how much you are spending on your media buy and how it is performing. The breakdown report described below will provide you with the metrics needed to make timely adjustments and maximize the campaign's ROI.


  • Click on the main menu "Reports / Expense / Daily"
  • Select a specific zone, ad, advertiser or your agency account (default)
  • Choose a date range or use the default range ("Last 31 days")
  • You will see the first tab "Total" and then additional tabs for the breakdown reports: Ad Expense, Zone Expense

Ad Expense

The ad breakdown report helps you monitor the ad performance. If you have multiple ads in rotation within a zone, you can quickly see which ad provides the lowest cost per conversion (best bang for your advertising buck) and which ad should be changed to get a higher CTR or a higher conversion rate.

Zone Expense

For an agency or an advertiser, a zone is a placement on a publishing partner that you buy advertising inventory from. The zone breakdown report can help you compare performance and cost between different sites and decide on budget allocation for each site and placement.

Example - Ad Spend with Conversion Data

  • Name: Ad name or zone name
  • Impressions: The number of unique impressions
  • Clicks: The number of unique clicks
  • CTR: The CTR rate for each ad or each zone
  • Conversions: The number of conversions
  • Conv. Rate: The conversion rate, calculated as the number of conversions divided by the number of unique clicks
  • Cost Per Conv.: The cost per conversion, calculated as the ad expense divided by the number of conversions
  • Expense: The ad spending of this ad/zone for this time period

Example - Daily Ad Expense Breakdown



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