Significant improvements in navigation

We are restructuring the relationship between entities that will make it easier and more logical for advertisers and publishers to manage. If you see an error message, our developers are working to sort it out. We appreciate your patience. This upgrade allows ads to be created by both publishers and advertisers.


Publishers can create ads on behalf of advertiser and then link to the advertiser. Publishers can see stats/reports for the ads they are serving for any advertiser (only the ads that created by the publisher and those given access to the publisher by the advertiser). This is different from before and instead of seeing stats for the advertiser's campaigns, you'll see stats for the advertiser (those ads you have access). If you need to break up the advertiser's ads into multiple sets, you can use the "Group" feature from the main menu.


Advertiser can also create new ads and link to publishers for serving. Ads does not need to be inside a campaign to link between advertiser & publisher. Campaigns are setup and managed by the advertiser.

This feature is new and our team is working to correct and smooth out all related issues ASAP.


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