Why should you use an ad server?

An ad server, put simply, is a web server that delivers and tracks advertisements for online marketing purposes. However, it plays a crucial role behind all marketing campaigns by delivering advertisements to online visitors, in a targeted fashion through multiple channels such as the Internet, mobile websites and mobile apps.

There are plenty of reasons why business owners should use an ad server for their marketing campaigns. To begin with, a good ad server is equipped with a user-friendly interface, which allows all users to manage their promotional material in a convenient way without extensive technical knowledge or a steep learning curve. One can easily add a new advertisement or remove an existing one with only a few clicks. Setting up larger and more complex campaigns can take a long time and be very cumbersome without the help of an ad server. This is why the tools provided by the ad server end up being essential for business owners who need to display and manage hundreds of advertisements across multiple websites. The servers allows them to gain full control over their ads and make them appear exactly the way they want. The servers have multiple features that allow for ad targeting, ad optimization, and much more, helping them figure out the best way to gain more visitor's attention and maximize their advertising revenue.

As a publisher, your advertisers will be very happy that you have chosen to use an ad server to display their advertisements. You can provide separate accounts to all the advertisers and they can use such accounts to view statistics on their ads such as: impressions, CTRs, clicks and the number of visitors that see their ads. In addition, you can schedule and send an automatic email report to the advertisers, to keep them updated about the progress of their marketing campaigns. Also, since you have full control over the marketing campaign on your site, you can target the ads and make them visible to visitors coming from a specific location, time zone, city or interest.

An ad server can also assist you to sell your ads with flexible arrangements. You can implement different pricing models such as CPA, CPC, and CPM or flat rate. You can implement several packages and sell Flash banners at a higher price than text ads. You can even promote your own advertisements along with third-party ones to enhance the visibility of your business. At the end of the marketing campaign, you can generate reports and statistics for any ad and see how effective the ad campaign was. Data is power, and that is what an ad server provides for you. You can get rid of the hassle and enjoy all the benefits provided by an ad server by outsourcing the work.


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