How to earn more from advertising on your website?

When it comes to earning money from your website, advertising is an obvious option. If you have ads on your site and are not particularly pleased with the results you are getting, there are things that you can do to make more money from your ad spaces. We are providing you with 5 potential ideas, but get creative and start thinking about other ways to boost your advertising income.

Get More Visitors to Your Site

This is likely to increase revenue no matter which form of advertising you use on your site. Using an adserver for ad tracking, the number of people clicking on the relevant ads will show an increase when more people visit your site. Many ads are also paid on total views, which also means an increase in ad earnings. When selling ad space, you can charge higher rates as your number of monthly visitors climbs.

Pull In More Advertisers

As soon as you start to get a rather healthy number of viewers, you really should look at selling ads directly to the advertisers. You get to control the ad rate, pay no commission to the ad network or ad exchange, and you can even offer special rates in order to tempt in new advertisers who may be on the fence.

Create Premium Ad Space

Every single advertiser wants to be sure that they get the most visible space on your website, and some are willing to pay more for that privilege. There are a number of different spots on a website, depending on the layout, that are deemed more desirable than others. For example: above-the-fold ad spaces, special or premium sections of your website. Reserve those spots for the advertisers who are willing to pay higher rates in order to get higher visibility.

Offer Premium Ad Formats

This again is another way to sell ad space at higher rates than what you are getting. You can allow a certain advertiser to create ads that are larger than the rest, although you will need to make sure that there is adequate space or a special area on your site layout for those ads to fit. You might also consider allowing animated ads, or those with sound, especially if your current ad servings are static ads and banners. You may want to keep those to a minimum, as they can serve as a distraction and negative factor to viewers if too many are placed.

Geo-Target and Segment Your Audience

You have a better chance of ads being clicked on if the ads being shown are of interest to the audience. Advertisers are well aware of this, and will pay more to have ads shown when the majority of your audience is comprised of a certain demographic or geographic location. This is a good opportunity to upsell ad space to advertisers who really want to target the type of audience that your website brings in. You will need a good adserver that support these features to maximize your ad revenue.
Posted in AdServer for Publisher August 09, 2016