How to setup ads on my partner's websites?

If you display your ads on other websites and your ads have restrictions, you might want to consider a backup zone in case none of your ads are available to display. Without a backup zone, an error message will be displayed. To avoid this error, you can:
  • Turn this error message off with "noerror" setting in the serving code. The ad space will be blank instead of the error banner.
  • However, a better setup would be displaying an ad from the backup ad zone instead of an error or blank space. This ad could be an in-house/default ad, or your partner's ad. They can give you a basic banner ad or an advanced ad tag from their ad rotator, which displays different ads. In this case, when your ads are restricted, the primary zone (your zone) will not have any available ads and our ad server will look into the fall-back zone (their zone) and display their ad(s).


  • Create a fall-back zone and set it up as the secondary zone
  • Create your partner's ad. This could be a default/in-house ad, or an advanced ad server tag that rotates their own ads. This ad should not have any restriction
  • Link the ad to the fall-back zone
The reason you need to set up your partner's ad inside AdSpeed is performance. If our ad server has to notify their ad server when there is no available ad in real-time and for each impression, it would be very slow and require a custom integration between the two ad servers.
June 17, 2011