What you need to know about email ad serving?

Email is still a very viable way of reaching your target audience, but it’s a method of marketing that has to be approached very carefully. Where things can get tricky is if you are juggling ads from different advertisers, you might end up blasting our emails containing ads that are only relevant to very few people on your mailing list. With email ad serving, you have more features to control ad delivery that will better reach the intended targets, and which will result in much higher clickthrough rates that you would normally expect to see with standard ad placements. Before you jump in, here are some things you should know about email ad serving:

Avoid being intrusive and impersonal

An email is still a lot like a standard letter in that it tends to be personal in nature. It’s easy to think on a grander scale with a newsletter and forget that you are delivering those emails to individuals. While you want the ads contained within to match the data that you have on each recipient, you don’t want those emails to seem overly intrusive or personal. This is something you really need to think about every time you create a new email.

Keep it simple

Generally speaking, the standard email reader software is designed to read image banners and text ads, and that’s it. If you try to go with a more complex ad format like JavaScript or Iframe, chances are it will not show up in the emails that you are sending. Recipients may end up seeing nothing, or worse, a string of code that means nothing to them, and you will have simply wasted your time and money.

Higher ad click rate

If you are happy with the ad clicks that you are receiving on your website, prepare to be delighted at what you will see when using an email ad server if targeting is done properly. It has been proven time and again that this form of marketing delivers higher clickthrough rates than many other forms of advertising. This is because you can segment your audience and deliver ads targeted to their specific interests.

HTML template editing

To support ads in email newsletters, you will need to send email in the HTML format. You are going to need an email sender software that allows you to edit your HTML templates as needed.

Email ad serving support

You really have to pay attention when signing up for an ad server, as not all of them come with email ad serving capabilities. It always pays to do a little bit of comparison shopping when looking for an adserver, and that means more than just looking at how much it will cost. You need to pay attention to all the available features, which means making sure that the adserver you choose comes with email adserving support.
Posted in Email Ad Server April 16, 2016


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