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Coupon and Discount for an Advertising Order

A coupon provides a promotional discount from the default ad rates in your media kit. You can create a coupon from main menu "Advertisers / Coupons" and give it to your advertisers. If the coupon is used, the discount amount will be taken against the invoice's total. The value should be negative for a discount. A positive value has an opposite effect. To avoid confusions for your clients, all coupon codes are in uppercase. A coupon has a start date and an end date. By default, the coupon becomes effective immediately after creation and expires after one year. There are two types of coupon:
  1. Percent Off: take a percent off the invoice's total. For example: 10% off
  2. Dollar Off: take a fixed number of dollars off the invoice's total. The currency is chosen from your account's setting. For example: $10 off
On the advertising order form, your advertiser can enter the coupon code and click "Review Order" button to see the invoice's total, less any applicable discount, before finalizing the order.

Advanced - Coupon Conditions

In order for a coupon to be valid, there might be some terms and additional requirements. This advanced setting allows you to specify certain rules before the coupon is applied. For example: you create a coupon YEARLY to give $200 off if the order is $1200 or more. If the order is less than $1200, this coupon will not give any discount. The condition field would be entered as $Total$>=1200. For more assistance with your specific setup, please contact our support team.

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