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How can I manage payments between publishers and advertisers?

Publishers can create and send invoices to advertisers. Invoices are automatically created when the advertiser places an advertising order via the media kit. Both paid and unpaid invoices can be accessed online by publishers (follow the menu Advertisers/Invoices) and advertisers (follow the menu Publisher/Invoices).

Payment Methods

An advertiser can pay an invoice to a publisher automatically (PayPal,, or manually (check, money order, bank/wire transfer). If your preferred payment method or credit card processor is not listed, please contact us. For manual methods, you receive the payment directly and mark the invoice as paid manually in our system. Since we do not process the transaction, there is no transaction fee charged by our system. However, your chosen payment processor will have its own applicable transaction fees.
Your email address is used as the payment recipient by PayPal. By default, it is the email in your profile when you registered with AdSpeed. You can change PayPal email from your profile setting or for each invoice when creating or adjusting the invoice details. An advertiser clicks on the PayPal button and goes to PayPal's website where they'll pay to the email address specified in the invoice.
You can process credit card payments with your own merchant account. To enable this payment method, you need to enter the API Login ID, the Transaction Key and the MD5 Hash Setting into your account profile from the menu My Account / Profile under tab "Settings".
You can process credit card payments with your own account. To enable this payment method, you need to enter the Secret Key and the Publishable Key into your account profile from the menu My Account / Profile under tab "Settings".
Check or Money Order
If you choose this method, you should remember to provide the payment instructions such as "Payable To" in your account profile. You should also fill in the "Address" fields, available from the menu My Account / Profile under tab "Contact". This mailing address will be displayed on all invoices for your advertiser to send the check/money order.

Insertion Order

Potential advertisers can view your media kit and buy advertising directly through your media kit. An invoice will automatically be generated with the desired number of impressions, clicks, leads, or months. You can then adjust the invoice, choose a payment method and finalize the order. By default, PayPal account is the email address in your profile, you can also change it from your account profile or when adjusting a pending invoice. You can create coupon codes for your advertisers.

Invoice Payment

When receiving the email invoice, the advertiser can click on the invoice link to view and make payment. For check or other off-line methods of payment, publishers can manually mark the invoice as paid upon receiving completed payment from advertisers. If the payment method is PayPal, the payment is automatically recorded after the system receives an automated notification from PayPal.

Recurring Invoice

When creating an invoice, you can set it as a one-time invoice or a subscription. For a recurring invoice, a new invoice will be re-generated at the specified time interval. Items will be copied and notification email will be sent out to both the buyer and seller. For the time interval, you can choose from any number of days, weeks, months or years.

Invoice Macros

For your convenience, certain macros can be used to quickly generate an invoice.
  • {AS:LastMonth} displays last month. Example: "Invoice for {AS:LastMonth}" will become "Invoice for August" if this month is September
  • {AS:LastMonthWithYear} displays last month and year. Example: "Invoice for {AS:LastMonthWithYear}" will become "Invoice for August 2013" if this month is September 2013
  • {AS:Expense:LastMonth} displays last month's expense for this advertiser. This macro is useful when you want to create an invoice for last month without having to manually lookup the revenue/expense report and enter the number. Example: advertiser Toyota incurs $100 for ad clicks and impressions for last month, the macro {AS:Expense:LastMonth} will display $100

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