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What are visitor records?

When a visitor clicks or views an ad, the impression or click counter increases immediately. These counters are always available. On the other hand, additional detailed data about the visitor who clicked or viewed this ad is then randomly and selectively processed and retained. Therefore, it is not available for every single impression or click.

Visitor Record

A visitor record includes the following information: IP address (geographical information), referring page URL, visited page URL, viewed/clicked ad ID, ad placement ID, user-agent string (browser and operating system) and time. Visitor records are used to generate the following reports: Online, Visitor, Site, Technical and Geographical.


We value the privacy of your visitors. No personally identifiable information is included in the report. Our data collection policy strictly follows our Privacy Statement. Due to the very large number of daily impressions and clicks, maintaining all visitor records will not only decrease the privacy protection for your visitors but also slow down our real-time reporting system significantly. Visitor records are kept for a limited number of days and only up to a maximum number of records.

Data Availability

The visitor data could come from today's stats or could be from last week's stats. The actual number depends on your site traffic. If your ads have few impressions, the report will be empty. With more impressions, these records will be from more recent impressions. Visitor, Site, Technical and Geographical reports use a statistical sampling. These reports do not include all visitors in the specified time frame. Our system collects a large amount of data daily (millions of visitor records per day, every day). The servers then process the data and reduce it to a smaller and representative set by selecting random entries.

Data Retention

For privacy protection, all visitor records older than 90 days are permanently deleted from our databases and cannot be recovered.

By default, each ad can have up to 1000 random visitor records available. You can purchase an add-on to increase the number of visitor records retained per ad going forward. Detailed views and detailed clicks reports show the list of visitor records. As more recent data is processed, older data will be removed. Therefore, this number increases when new visitor records are processed and decreases when old records are removed from the database.

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