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How are technical specifications collected from visitors?

When a visitor views an ad, our system records certain technical specifications of the ad request such as anonymized IP address, timezone, screen resolution, browser type, and operating system. The information collected is limited and does not reveal any personal information. For example:

Source Code

The tracking is done with the following JavaScript code:
<script type="text/javascript">
var a=new Date();
var tz=a.getTimezoneOffset()/60;
var ck=navigator.cookieEnabled?'Yes':'No';
var jv=navigator.javaEnabled()?'Yes':'No';
var scr=screen.width+'x'+screen.height+'x'+screen.colorDepth;
document.write("<li>Your time zone: GMT "+(tz<0?'+':'-')+Math.abs(tz)+'</li>');
document.write("<li>Screen: "+scr+"</li>");
document.write("<li>Accept cookie? "+ck+"</li>");
document.write("<li>Support Java? "+jv+"</li>");

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