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Ad Targeting

ad targeting By applying targeting criteria, you can target, control, restrict and limit ad delivery to your desirable visitors. Below is the comprehensive list of restriction types.

Geographical Targeting (Geo-Targeting)

  • Language - Example: English, Spanish, Vietnamese
  • Country - Example: UK, Spain, France, China
  • City - Example: Chicago, London, Sydney
  • Continent - Example: Asia, Europe, Africa
  • US state, Canadian province, and Great Britain region
  • Geographical region, area, and province for other countries
  • US Metropolitan Code
  • Within a radius of a city or any latitude/longitude point
  • US Phone Area Code
  • US Zipcode and Canadian Postal Code
  • GPS latitude/longitude coordinate via Geolocation API
  • Internet Provider/Carrier or Organization from IP mapping - Example: Comcast, Verizon, Sprint

Date & Time

Metric Quota/Maximum

  • Hourly raw or unique impressions
  • Hourly raw or unique clicks
  • Daily raw or unique impressions
  • Daily raw or unique clicks
  • Daily conversions or transactions
  • Daily revenue
  • Monthly raw or unique impressions
  • Monthly raw or unique clicks
  • Monthly conversions or transactions
  • Monthly revenue
  • Total raw or unique impressions
  • Total raw or unique clicks
  • Total conversions or transactions
  • Total revenue

For each Visitor

  • Frequency Capping - Example: maximum 5 impressions per hour
  • Time Capping - Example: do not show this ad again to the same visitor in an hour
  • Audience Targeting - Example: do not show this ad if visitor already saw ad XYZ
  • Visitor's IP address - Example: 200.201.202.*
  • Visitor's Hostname/Domain of IP from DNS Lookup - Example: *.myisp.com
  • Browser - Example: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Opera, web spiders and also different versions of the same browser
  • Device - Example: any mobile or tablet device, iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, Windows Phone, etc.
  • Operating System and Platform - Example: Windows, Linux, Macintosh, iOS, Android, SymbianOS
  • Referring Page is the source page where the visitor comes from
  • Ad Placement Page is the current page where the visitor is viewing/browsing

Other Targeting Criteria

Setup Ad Targeting

  • Click on any individual ad, zone, group or campaign
  • Click on tab "Restrictions" to view, modify existing restrictions or add a new restriction

For your convenience, you can use the restriction wizard to quickly setup common restrictions for a new ad.

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