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Ad Event, Ad Engagement and Ad Interaction

If you want to track user interactions, engagements or general events for an ad, you can use the ad tracking URLs to record these events. An ad event, ad interaction, or ad engagement, is a general concept and so it can be many things: video ad events, ad interactions, ad viewability, mobile app installations, form submissions, etc.

Video Ad Events

A video ad requires the viewer to click on the Play button to begin streaming. You can record this user action to find out how many visitors actually play the video content. In additional to a standard ad impression, an event is recorded when the play button is pressed. For video ad serving, the VAST template specifies a number of tracking events.

Custom Variable

Each event can have a custom value. This is useful for reporting on custom segments and attributes. For example: a video ad can be viewed by different types of user but you want to breakdown the user roles: views by visitors, views by editors, views by authors, and views by admins.

Interaction Events

You can track when an ad is expanded, minimized or when a user begins filling in the form on the ad. There are many possibilities with custom ad events.

Generate the event tracking URL

  • Click on the ad name
  • Click on the link "Ad Interaction Events" under "Advanced Integration" section. If you do not see this section, please contact us to enable it for your account
  • On that page, you will see the interface for managing events and generating event tracking URLs

Integration with Flash

You can use ActionScript sendAndLoad() method to load the event tracking pixel silently in the background.
var tracker=new LoadVars();

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