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Is this a promotional service? Does it advertise my site?

AdSpeed Ad Server does not buy or sell advertising directly so we do not offer the service to display your ads on other sites. We do not promote your website or generate traffic for your website. We do not pay you to display our ads or other people's ads.

As a pure technology provider, AdSpeed AdServer offers a platform to manage, serve and track ad views, clicks for publishers, website owners, advertisers, agencies, and ad network operators.

  • For publishers and website owners: the ads come from their own advertisers and from the ad networks that they are a member of.
  • For advertisers: the ads are their own ads and they want to have their own independent ad server to track impressions/clicks instead of relying only on numbers provided by the publisher, network, or exchange.
  • For ad agencies: we offer the ability to manage and track ad campaigns of their advertising clients.
  • For ad network operators: we offer an easy solution to manage publishers and advertisers within their ad networks.
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