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Ad Tracking

Our system can track ad impressions, clicks, conversions and custom events.


An impression beacon is an invisible image used to count each complete impression. This method of counting impression is much more accurate than just counting every ad request, which could end up not being delivered and over-count impressions. For example: if the user for any reason (block ads, disconnect while loading the page, close browser suddenly), it will not be counted as an impression.


When a visitor clicks on an ad, a unique tracking URL will record the click details and redirects the visitor to the final destination URL. Click tracking for ads served by a 3rd party ad server might need a click tracking macro.


With the conversion tracking feature, advertisers can put a piece of HTML code to their shopping carts or any e-commerce system to track after-click activities, including conversions, transactions and their dollar values.

Ad Events

You can track custom ad events and interactions. For example, when an ad is closed or when a video ad is muted.

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